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Get your Plank on



Happy Holidays everyone! ¬†I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and spending it with friends and family like me ūüôā

I am sure that you are all very busy with last minute christmas shopping, christmas parties, cooking/baking, etc.

I wanted to share a great 10 minute plank workout that my roommate and I made a video of recently. ¬†This workout is a real challenge so feel free to take breaks whenever necessary….Justine and I¬†definitely¬†did haha.

I do not like crunches, sit-ups, or most of the derivatives.  To me a plank workout is far more beneficial because you are also strengthening/toning your gluteus, hips, triceps, biceps, quads, etc (depending witch plank you are performing).  Here are a few tips to ensure no injuries and that you get as much out of this workout as you can.

1. Your elbows/hands should be inline with your shoulders.

2. Squeeze gluteus and concentrate on tightening your abdominals.

3. Keep a neutral back and spine.  Do not allow your head to fall so you are looking at your toes

4. Do not let your hips sag to the ground.

5. Keep knees locked and stay on your toes.

5. When your form begins to suffer, take a break.  Your only benefitting from the plank when you are actually doing it in correct form.

There are 9 moves and we hold them for 1 minute each with a 10 sec. break in between each one.  Before we start the workout we will give a quick run through and demonstrate each move.

Here is the link to the video. 9 minute plank workout

I am not sure how to the post a video into my blog yet….sorry

Move 1: Plank on hands

Move 2: Knee tucks

Move 3: Up/Downs; switching between elbows and hands

Move 4: Plank on elbows

Move 5: Knee to elbow

Move 6: Toe touches; bring left leg to right side and touch toes with right hand then switch sides

Move 7: Left Side plank lift with a leg lift

Move 8: Right Side plank lift with a leg lift

Move 9: Plank on elbow

Remember to keep breathing and take breaks when needed!

Good luck everyone and have a safe, happy Christmas!