About the Blog
I started SuperSonic Sunflower in August 2012 to hopefully share my recipes, exercise tips, and hobbys with others.
I love to create healthy meals and experiment with new foods and flavors.
I try to live a balanced life that is healthy but still allow myself to indulge (peanut butter..frozen yogurt YUM).
Along with sharing my recipes, and workouts, my blog follows my daily adventures with my boyfriend, Andrew and our fluff ball, Chewbacca.


About Me ūüôā
My name is Jessica but everyone just calls me Jay and I am 24 years old.  Lover of food, fitness, puppies, crafts, traveling, reading, and now blogging.
I graduated in 2011 from East Carolina University with a Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science.
I¬†receive my first “real job”¬†with Duke Hospital straight out of school and have been happily working in there Stem Cell Lab since.
Prior to my Bachelors degree, I worked as a babysitter, a health consultant for HerbalLife, Sales Representative for Cutco, hostess, waitress, lifeguard, pretzel maker, etc.
Growing up I was anything but a runner.  Over the past 4 years, by nothing short of a miracle, I have learned to run and to LOVE running.  Today, running is like brushing my teeth every morning.
So far I have completed 2 half marathons since 2011.
I started training for my 1st half marathon because I felt that I needed to make a goal for my self to stay motivated.
In October of 2011 I ran in the Rocktoberfest Race in Charlotte, NC and accomplished my goal in 2 hours and 3 seconds.  Just a year before this I did not think I was physically capable of running 13.1 miles and completing this race made me feel so alive that I wanted to do more.
Since, then I ran in the North Hills Half Marathon in Raleigh, NC and I am currently¬†training for my 3rd one, which is my first trail half marathon :/ .¬†Oct. 6th, 2012 is the big day and this will be Andrew’s first half marathon so I am extra excited about this one!
My love for running started in college.  I used it as my escape from studying and to just have me time for about an hour of my day.  My program was very strict and demanding.  Social life was not in my vocabulary but I would not take back my decision for entering this program for anything.  I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.  Not only was it an excellent experience but I was able to land a job right out of school in something I love, which is really hard to find now.
I understand that not everyone loves running as much as me but I believe that everyone should atleast give it a try.  Running can be such a fulfilling activity for anyone, whether it be to lose weight, get in shape, escape from the world for 1/2 hour, clear your head, or even to just listen to music.
So this is really weird but I named my stomach back in high school because me and friends felt that we had bottomless pits for a stomach.¬† Mines name is Steven haha. ¬†You may hear me refer Steven every now and then in my blog ūüôā
 I have always loved to cook and now that I am done with school, I finally have time to experiment with new recipes.
While I do love blogging about food, I do not post everything I consume each day….that would just take way to long…like I said Steven is a bottomless pit and it takes a lot to satisfy him especially with me working out everyday.
I hope you enjoy SuperSonic Sunflower!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my page! Love that you’re an ECU grad…it’s one of the places I’m looking for grad school and my mom’s an alumna. Small world! I’ll definitely be following your progress as you go towards your marathon.

  2. Thanks again for following my blog. Let me know if ever I can be of help or you are looking for any particular recipe. I may have one just haven’t posted it yet!

  3. I’ve recently switched my food blog over to be self-hosted which I hope will make it more user-friendly in the future. As a result, if you were following Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen via email, WordPress, or using RSS feeds through Google Reader or some other way, you are no longer subscribed. If you wish to continue receiving future posts from my blog you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience, Teresa.

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