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Hello Hello everyone! It has been a little while since my last post….sorry.

So Andrew has been gone for about 3 weeks now and Chewbacca and I have been staying very busy.


Its a little late but this was taken when I got home from the road trip…REUNITED at last

Chewy sketch

One of my attempts to keep myself busy….sketch of Chewbacca…ruff looking


Walks thru Umstead Park together…he is pitiful/precious

Ran a 5K with Nicole to start off our training

Ran a 5K with Nicole to start off our training


Chewbacca’s first time seeing snow…..woke me up at 6am one morning to go out and play in it and this was all he did…

wine crates

Stained wine crates and hung up in living room for new shelves 🙂

I have also been trying out a lot of new recipes.  But those will have to come in later in a different blog.

So enough boring you with what I have been doing I am just going to update you on my training for the half marathon so far.

This past Saturday I got up super early (5am) and ran 8 mi on the treadmill.  This is the longest I have ever done on the deathmill and I do not know how I got through.  I ran it in 71:11 mins….I was satisfied and felt great after.  This was my longest run so far in 2013.

I have been starting my training off with more sprints and weightlifting than usual to get my body ready for the long runs.  I do not want to injure my knees again and my pace has gotten slower since last year (I took a little too much time off around the holidays i guess).

I have gained a few lbs, only like 5lbs, but it is enough for me to notice and I feel that I have a faster pace when I weigh a little less.  So I have also been trying to diet a little bit lately to drop the 5lbs.  Which dieting for me means cutting back on the amount of Peanut Butter i eat daily…it is really hard!

Do you have an ideal weight that you like to be at when your are training?

P.S.  Andrew is doing great!  He is having a lot of fun with his internship and has made some great friends already 🙂  2 more weeks till we are reunited for a weekend!!!


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