I Mustache You a Question….


How was your holiday weekend?  Mine was full of parties with family and friends.

Friday Night my Aunt & Uncle threw a Winter Solstice Party.  I had a great time! The food was AMAZING.  Everything (not an exaggeration) was homemade.  We were informed of some VERY exciting news that night too…… My cousin, Mazi, and his girlfriend, Lindsey, are now engaged!!!  This is the first engagement on my dads side of the family so I am extra excited :).

Congratulations Mazi & Lindsey!!


Saturday Night was our Mustache Party.  This is one of my favorite parties of the year.  Here are a few clips from the night.

Bacon, Jalapeno creamy corn bread....Recipe coming soon

Bacon, Jalapeno creamy corn bread….Recipe coming soon


Keeping things classy

IMG_3326 IMG_3325 IMG_3329 IMG_3327 IMG_3334

At the end of the night every one votes on who had the best mustache.  Each year the winner receives the Mustache Cup!

Here are all the contestants of 2012.


And the winner is (drum roll)……

Nemat!!! (my cousin)

Nemat!!! (my cousin)

Things got a little crazy during the after party.  A small group of us went up to one of our local bars and sang karaoke.

“What I really really really want is Zig-a-Zig-AAAaa” -Spice girls

Update on my WOD

Thursday: 30 minute run outside with short and long sprints

Friday: Recovery video from Insanity

Saturday: Power & Resistance video from Insanity followed up with a 45 minute walk with Steph

Sunday: Rest; I needed a day of rest after the Mustache Party 😉

Monday: Insanity video, have not decided which one yet

That is all for now.  Merry Christmas!!


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