Happy Happy Birthday to my Love!


Yesterday Andrew turned 24 years old.  This has been an exciting past few weeks for him because not only was it his birthday but he just recently accepted an amazing internship with the Olympics Training Facility in San Diego, CA.  This is a huge opportunity to for him and I am so proud of him!  I am definitely going to miss him for the 5 months that he will be gone but it is worth it to see him happy and to see him go after what he wants to do.


I Love You Babe!

The Birthday Celebration started Friday night at Tasu with sushi and Hot Soki.  We had some great friends come and join us in the celebration and we continued the festivities after dinner at Trali, an Irish Pub located just right across the street.  I am sorry for not taking any pictures of our night I am really slacking on taking photos lately but I am making it a goal to work on taking more.

Saturday was struggle for me, had a little to much fun Friday night ;).  But we did manage to go to the thrift store.  We found some amazing buys.  One of the many great deals we got was a HUGE white tiger that we gave to Justine haha.  She wasn’t as excited as Andrew and I.

Andrew and I were introduced a thrift store song and it has been motivating us to go more often.  Here is a link to the video,  this video will change your life…..   Thift Shop   …. Your Welcome

Chewbacca did not know how to react to Han Solo (white tiger)

Chewbacca did not know how to react to Han Solo (white tiger)

I pre made my cookie dough for the famous Oatmeal Cream Cookies.  This is my Granny’s recipe and I will not be posting this recipe….family secret haha.

Sunday was the big cookie baking day.  I made my Oatmeal Cream Cookies and Justine picked out two from Pinterest, Red Velvet Cake & Peppermint Cookies.  We had a few glasses of wine along with the baking to make the day even better ;).

Finally got to put my Santa Hats and Aprons to good use haha

Finally got to put my Santa Hats and Aprons to good use haha

This was just the beginning of the oatmeal cream cookies

This was just the beginning of the oatmeal cream cookies


Red Velvet Cake and Peppermint

After baking, Andrew and I met his parents for dinner at Tobacco Campus at Tyler’s Tap Room.  I love the Tobacco campus it is such a cool place in DT Durham.  There is a stream running through the strip and it is decorated with a ton of Christmas lights.  Once again, I apologize for not taking any pictures.  However, I was not impressed at all with Tyler’s Tap Room food.  I will not be getting the Portabella Sandwich again if we ever go again.

After Dinner we stopped by my work Christmas Party.  It was located in the Sara P. Duke Gardens.  It was a very pretty location (no pictures again).  We did not stay long though because we had made plans to go play laser tag with a few friends.

We luckily live right across the street from a kids amusement park, Frankie’s…how convenient haha.  Andrew really wanted to go play laser tag for his birthday.  Andrew ended up beating everyone in our group.  I came in 2nd to last….I felt like I was kicking butt during the game though 😦

Andrew was 03 and I was 18.

Andrew was 03 and I was 18.

Sunday was a very busy day for us so we ended it right by watching Love Actually.  This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! If you have never seen this before then I HIGHLY recommend it.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!

When was the last time you had played laser tag/visited an Amusement park?


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