Relaxed & Christmas Survey


Last night when I got home from work I drank my Sleepy Time Tea, popped a melatonin, and passed out looking through pinterest 🙂  It was a great night sleep, I got about 8 1/2 hours!  I still wanted to throw my alarm at the wall when it went off this morning though haha.  However, my growling stomach and Chewbacca (jumping on me to take him out) forced me to get out from my comfy cocoon.

I took Fluffy/Chewbacca for a mile run/stop every 5 feet for chewbacca to pee on everything this morning.  After our run together I went on an extra 5 mile run by myself.  I was forced to hurry up and shower when I got home because I had an appt. to get a massage/chiropractic visit this morning 🙂 I got a great deal off of Living Social for this about a month ago.

Chewbacca relaxing with his Christmas toy

Chewbacca RELAXING with his Christmas toy

So, before I had my massage I met with the chiropractor doctor.  I had never been to one before and I am not gonna lie…. it freaked me out!  I was seriously concerned that he was going to break my neck or pull my leg out of its socket.  After the doctor snapped me back in place I finally had my massage :).  Another first for me was that it was a hot stone massage.  I REALLY enjoyed it and I asked my massage therapist to not go easy on me because I have been really sore the past few days.  She definitely pressed a lot harder then the last one but I was exactly what I needed and the hot stones was a nice change too.  I will definitely get this deal again if it pops up.


By the time I got to work this afternoon I was very relaxed 🙂 It was a great start to my day!

Have you ever been to a chiropractor?  How was your experience?


Now I have a fun little Christmas Survey to share with you.

1. Favorite Christmas CD/song? All I want for Christmas is you by Vince Vance and Valiants

Here is a link to the video if you want to check it out….  All I want for Christmas is you

2. Run/Workout on Christmas morning or take the day off?  Definitely take the day off… I usually have a little too much fun/a lot of drinks catching up with friends and family christmas eve ;).

3. What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? umm… probably omelets, or some sort of cooked eggs.

4. Love or Hate egg nog?  HATE…yuk!

5. Favorite Holiday or Christmas tradition? Decorating the house and tree;  I also love driving around and looking at everyone else’s Christmas lights.

6. Real tree, fake tree, or no tree?  Real all the way!  I love the smell of the real thing 🙂


7. Favorite Christmas movie?  The Grinch (with Jim Carrey) & A Christmas Story

"Holiday Hoobiday Whatee??"

“Holiday Hoobiday Whatee??”

8. Open presents all at once or take turns? Stockings….yes or no?  We have always taken turns opening gifts and my family has not done stockings since I was 5 haha

9. Food that you always have during holiday season? My Granny’s Famous Oatmeal Cream Cookies… they are only made for Christmas.  They are the best cookie you will ever put in your mouth.

10. Where do you spend the holidays? Your house, your parents house, your in-laws house, extended family, friends?  We start off at my parents house, then move to Andrew’s Parents house, then to my grandmothers house then to my Dads sisters house.  It is a very busy day for us…

11. Christmas pajamas… yea or nae? No 😦 but I wish.  I know a lot of people that spend Christmas Day in their pajamas but we always have to dress up.

Now your turn… Pick out two of the questions above and leave a response for me below 🙂


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