Back with More Crafts & Recipes to Share


I am back! I hope you have not missed me too much.  I will not waste your time with any excuses on why I have not blogged in while.  I am just gonna jump right back into it 🙂

So while I have been away from you I have experimented with many new recipes and a few new crafts.

Below is one of my newest crafts that I came along randomly one Sunday morning while I was drinking my coffee.

Fork and Key Hooks

Fork and Key Hooks

It is very easy to do.  All you do is pick out any fork (I prefer the more antique look).

Grab a hammer and something hard to use as a plant form for something to hammer on top of (I used a wooden cutting board).


Lay your fork down to the big curve is facing up (making a hill shape) and just stop hammering away until your fork is flat.  This is a good form of releasing any frustration/anger you may have too haha.

hammered until flat..or as flat as you can get them

hammered until flat..or as flat as you can get them

Now you will need some heavy duty pliers to bend your fork.  Start bending the fork from the end and work your way in until you have made a “U” shape.

Optional: I liked making symbols out of my fork fingers.  I made a peace sign and a rock sign out of these two.  You can be as creative as want with the fingers.  I think the crazier the better.

To hang your forks on the wall I just used a double sided sticky that comes with the plastic hooks you can buy from walmart/target/any department store.  I cut off the pull tab so it would not be shown.  Stick one side to the fork and then to the wall….Your Done! Now you have new hooks for your kitchen or wherever you wish to hang them.


After I finished up my crafts I went for a run and started getting ready for the UNC Basketball game! 🙂  Andrews Dad got 4 tickets from work and offered them to us since they were unable to go.


Ran 5 miles/ 43:26

It was a great game!  I was able to visit with one of my Best Friends, Brittany, and our good friend from high school, Chu, who I have not seen in forever it seems like.  Brittany graduated from Chapel Hill so she is a die hard UNC fan.  It is always fun going to events with people who are so passionate about the games.  We had a fun time catching up and watching the game.  I hope you had a great Saturday as well!

Brittany and I at the UNC game

Brittany and I at the UNC game

"Go Heels"

“Go Heels”

Do you love doing crafts as much as I do?  Which craft are you most proud of?

I am probably most proud of my Wine Bottle Lanterns.  I have actually revised my format of hanging them so I will update everyone on it soon.


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