45 Minute Circuit Workout


Happy Hump Day!

Today on my training schedule I had Circuit Training.  I went through a lot of my workouts that i had pinned on Pinterest and made up my own routine.

Complete each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next circuit.

Circuit 1

90 Jumping Jacks

25 Squats with leg lift (left)

25 squats with leg lift (right)

60 second Plank

30 Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2

20 Push-Ups

20 Tricep Dips

20 Burpees

60 second Wall Sit

Circuit 3

20 Side Leg Lifts (Left)

20 Side Leg Lifts (Right)

100 Russion Twist

20 Lying Leg Lifts

50 Supermans

It took me about 45 minutes to complete.  As my cool down I did a few yoga moves.

I felt great after this workout!  It is always refreshing to switch up your normal routine and try something different.

After my workout I immediately made myself a class of chocolate almond milk and had some chips and salsa…YUM!  I am going through my salsa phase again so I can not get enough.

Do you have any food phases that you go through?  What is your food that you always go back too?


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