First Day of the Best Month of the Year!!


Is it really Monday already?!  This weekend went by way too fast.  I need another day just to catch up on sleep.

Saturday was so much FUN!  After Andrew and I went to Yoga, we came home to watch his Soccer Game, Manchester United.  Andrew is very passionate about soccer and I usually leave the apartment when he is watching his games.  Let me explain why,  Andrew talks/yells like he is the coach of Manchester United.  Even Chewbacca did not know what to do with himself, all he could do was just sit and stair at Andrew like he was a crazy person.  I wanted to take a nap before the night so while the game was going on I thought if I shut the door that I could fall asleep…I was so wrong.

But here is the point of my story….after the game Andrew came in the bedroom with the biggest frown (he looked pitiful).  Chewbacca knew that Andrew was upset so to make Andrew feel better Chewbacca jumped up on Andrew and dropped his Raw Hide on his lap.  Chewbacca LOVES his raw hide and had been working on this piece for about 2 hours.  He just stared at Andrew with the cutest face after dropping it in his lap….”Feel Better Daddy”.  We really do have an Amazing dog.

My Chewbacca Face

Saturday night we went to one of my best girlfriend, Nikki,  Salon Anniversary Cocktail Party.  I love any excuse to dress up 🙂  After the cocktail party we met up with one of Andrew’s friends that he played soccer with in high school.  We even made it downtown Saturday night….it was a long night but A LOT of fun!

Cocktail Party … Matt, Nikki, Me, Andrew

I was suppose to run the Tar Heel 5k Trot Sunday Morning but I did no get enough sleep so I didn’t make it to the race 😦 …I know I was disappointed in myself but it was worth it to see all of our friends.

We drove home to Greensboro Sunday to spend it with Andrew’s Family.  We watched the Jets game and enjoyed homemade macaroni and Meatballs for dinner…So Good!!  Andrew had received his diploma in the mail a few weeks ago and his parents surprised him with it Sunday. I am so proud of him!

Way to go Mr. Graduate!!

Andrew picked me some pretty Sunflowers off the this illegal? haha

On our way back to Raleigh we stopped by my house to see my mother and say goodbye to our family dog, Smokey.  Smokey was given to me in 7th grade.  She is a German Shepherd/Husky Mix.  Her health has plummeted this past month and had to put her down this morning.  She was an AMAZING dog I am going to miss her.

My dad and Smokey 13 years ago

Smokey Last Christmas…She had such a sweet soul

I did not workout today, I caught up on sleep instead.  It feels so nice to be lazy.  I am usually go-go-go 24/7 but I chilled in my PJ’s till it was time for work.  I will get back into my schedule tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoyed there first day of October, a.k.a the best month of the year.  My reasoning behind this is because my birthday is Oct. 25th, lots of tailgating, lots of pumpkins, Halloween (My Favorite Holiday), Thanksgiving (I love eating), and the leaves change colors.
What is your favorite month of year?


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