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45 Minute Circuit Workout


Happy Hump Day!

Today on my training schedule I had Circuit Training.  I went through a lot of my workouts that i had pinned on Pinterest and made up my own routine.

Complete each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next circuit.

Circuit 1

90 Jumping Jacks

25 Squats with leg lift (left)

25 squats with leg lift (right)

60 second Plank

30 Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2

20 Push-Ups

20 Tricep Dips

20 Burpees

60 second Wall Sit

Circuit 3

20 Side Leg Lifts (Left)

20 Side Leg Lifts (Right)

100 Russion Twist

20 Lying Leg Lifts

50 Supermans

It took me about 45 minutes to complete.  As my cool down I did a few yoga moves.

I felt great after this workout!  It is always refreshing to switch up your normal routine and try something different.

After my workout I immediately made myself a class of chocolate almond milk and had some chips and salsa…YUM!  I am going through my salsa phase again so I can not get enough.

Do you have any food phases that you go through?  What is your food that you always go back too?


Terrific Lady Day


Life has been super cra-cra and busy these past 2 weeks that is why I have not posted in nearly 2 weeks.  The little down time I did have I did not want to spend it in front of my laptop…Sorry.  But I am back in action now.

There are many things that I should catch you on but I am just going to recap on the more exciting things from this past weekend.  The previous 2 weeks have consisted of ALOT of Oat-less Oatmeal with Pumpkin Puree, Candy Corn, little sleep, long hours at work, and blah blah blah…nothing worth boring you with.  However, things are started to slow down again and I am so happy to back in “blogger action”.  Did you miss me and my many grammar errors? 🙂

This past Saturday was “Terrific Lady Day”, aka a day where I make all the decisions.  It was a GREAT DAY!  We went to Page Farms and went on a hayride, walked thru a corn maze, and picked our own pumpkins from there huge patches.  After pumpkin picking we did a little yard sale shopping then I forced myself to do my long run for the weekend.  If it was not for Andrew pushing me out the door I probably would not have done it.

We picked out the non-traditional pumpkins for this fall…we were feeling a little crazy haha

I was planning to only do 10 miles but I got a little lost and ended up doing 10.75 miles.  But it was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect for running so I am not complaining.  For dinner we made homemade Chicken tacos…well I made a taco salad.  It turned out GREAT!  I made our own taco seasoning…I probably made it a little too hott because we were both sweating by the end of our meal…oops.

We finished off “Terrific Lady Day” with a movie that I picked out, What to Expect when your Expecting.  It was not as funny I was hoping, I actually ended up crying during some parts and Andrew was not a fan.  I made some  cookies with reese cups rolled up inside to try and make the movie a little more manageable for Andrew….the cookies were a success!

Sunday was Terrific Boyfriend Day.  We watched the Jets play at our favorite sports bar, Carolina Ale House.  Andrew and I split a plate of wings….his favorite!  I could really get addicted to these things, I am starting to understand why he craves these so much…uh oh.  Incase you missed the game the JETS WON!!!! J E T S JETS JETS JETS.

After the game we took Chewbacca on a walk through Umstead State Park.  I really love that we live so close to this park.  It is a refreshing feeling to escape from the busy Raleigh life for just an hour or two and take a walk in the woods with my 2 Loves.

I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Tough Tuesday WOD


Happy Tuesday everyone!

This morning I went to my first Hot Yoga Core Strengthening class.  I liked it but Black Opal is still my favorite class.  We did not have any music during this class which I did not really enjoy.  But, it was still a good workout and I will go back to this class again.

Since I had not workout for like 3 days I decided to make this a Tough Workout Day.  After my Hot Yoga class I did the following workout below.

Tough Tuesday WOD

Run 1 mile

Circuit (rest 5 seconds between each)

Repeat each circuit 3 Xs

100 jumping jacks

30 second wall climbs

30 second mountain climbers

30 second burpees

1 min 30 sec wall sit

Run 1 mile

I have been craving soup lately for some reason… probably because it is starting to look/feel like fall outside 🙂 and fall makes me think of warm comfort foods like chili, soup, hot chocolate etc .  I decided to make up a batch of soup with my crock pot.  Andrew’s mother had given us a big bag of green peppers when we were home Sunday so I decided to use those up along with other random veggies we had in the apartment already.  Below is what I combined.   Hopefully it turns out okay :/.

Jay’s Vegetable Surprise Soup

4 bell peppers chopped

1/2 white onion

2 cups chicken broth

4 cups water

4 large carrots chopped

1/4 cup coconut milk

black pepper


herbal seasoning

garlic minced

Set the crock pot on low to cook for 5-6 hours.  Allow the soup to cool then puree.

Here is what it looked like before I left for work today.  When I get home tonight I am going to puree it all together and hope that it is Delicious 🙂

Why Yoga is Great for Runners


So lately I have really gotten into Yoga, especially Hot Yoga.  I first started practicing yoga off and on about 2 years ago.  I really enjoy Yoga because even on my off days I still want to do something active even though I know I need my rest…. Rest days are very important when training for a race. Running injuries are most often due to overuse.

The body is the sum of its parts and impairment of one affects them all.  For example, if the ankles are weak or the hips are not aligned, that can put strain on the anterior ligaments in the knees.  This can cause knee pain and much like a train on a track, a knee thrown off balance is equivalent to a train derailing.  I suffered from Runner’s Knee last year due to weak hip flexors, this was my first runner injury.

I choose to not allow chronic injuries set me back from running.  So after my first injury I decided that I will work harder to prevent anymore from occurring.  Not being able to run for about 3 months was really rough for me.  I went through a lot of downs during this time because running is my therapy, my time to myself to collect my thoughts, my way of relieving stress/frustration, my high.  I did find alternatives while I was working on strengthening my hips, like biking, the elliptical and I did Insanity during this time which helped strengthen my hips.

First off, if you are runner than you probably already know that the higher your VO2 Max the higher the capacity your body has to pump large amounts of oxygen-rich blood to working muscles.  A somewhat vigorous yoga practice can increase your oxygen capacity.  Yoga helps you concentrate on  taking deep full breaths in and out through your nose.  Breathing is our only means of supplying our bodies and its various organs with oxygen which is vital for our health.  We become fatigued from the decrease circulation of blood and from the decreased availability of oxygen for the blood.  This is why proper breathing during your runs is so important.  By practicing proper breathing in Yoga this allows us to increase our endurance in running.

Runners can use yoga practice to balance strength, increase range of motion, and train the body and mind.  Through consistent and systematic yoga conditioning, you can engage, strengthen, and place demands on all of your intrinsic muscle groups, which support and stabilize the skeletal system.  This can offset the effect of our (runner’s) one-dimensional workouts.

Yoga can release the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use, which causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue.  It can also increase lubrication in the joints and increase range of motion in joints.  The outcome is a sense of ease and fluidity throughout your body.

Think of running as the linear part of your workout and yoga as its circular complement.

I am slowly improving in my practice

I hope this post motivates you to give yoga a try if you have not already.  You will feel the benefits from yoga quickly and understand why I am passionate about this practice.

First Day of the Best Month of the Year!!


Is it really Monday already?!  This weekend went by way too fast.  I need another day just to catch up on sleep.

Saturday was so much FUN!  After Andrew and I went to Yoga, we came home to watch his Soccer Game, Manchester United.  Andrew is very passionate about soccer and I usually leave the apartment when he is watching his games.  Let me explain why,  Andrew talks/yells like he is the coach of Manchester United.  Even Chewbacca did not know what to do with himself, all he could do was just sit and stair at Andrew like he was a crazy person.  I wanted to take a nap before the night so while the game was going on I thought if I shut the door that I could fall asleep…I was so wrong.

But here is the point of my story….after the game Andrew came in the bedroom with the biggest frown (he looked pitiful).  Chewbacca knew that Andrew was upset so to make Andrew feel better Chewbacca jumped up on Andrew and dropped his Raw Hide on his lap.  Chewbacca LOVES his raw hide and had been working on this piece for about 2 hours.  He just stared at Andrew with the cutest face after dropping it in his lap….”Feel Better Daddy”.  We really do have an Amazing dog.

My Chewbacca Face

Saturday night we went to one of my best girlfriend, Nikki,  Salon Anniversary Cocktail Party.  I love any excuse to dress up 🙂  After the cocktail party we met up with one of Andrew’s friends that he played soccer with in high school.  We even made it downtown Saturday night….it was a long night but A LOT of fun!

Cocktail Party … Matt, Nikki, Me, Andrew

I was suppose to run the Tar Heel 5k Trot Sunday Morning but I did no get enough sleep so I didn’t make it to the race 😦 …I know I was disappointed in myself but it was worth it to see all of our friends.

We drove home to Greensboro Sunday to spend it with Andrew’s Family.  We watched the Jets game and enjoyed homemade macaroni and Meatballs for dinner…So Good!!  Andrew had received his diploma in the mail a few weeks ago and his parents surprised him with it Sunday. I am so proud of him!

Way to go Mr. Graduate!!

Andrew picked me some pretty Sunflowers off the this illegal? haha

On our way back to Raleigh we stopped by my house to see my mother and say goodbye to our family dog, Smokey.  Smokey was given to me in 7th grade.  She is a German Shepherd/Husky Mix.  Her health has plummeted this past month and had to put her down this morning.  She was an AMAZING dog I am going to miss her.

My dad and Smokey 13 years ago

Smokey Last Christmas…She had such a sweet soul

I did not workout today, I caught up on sleep instead.  It feels so nice to be lazy.  I am usually go-go-go 24/7 but I chilled in my PJ’s till it was time for work.  I will get back into my schedule tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoyed there first day of October, a.k.a the best month of the year.  My reasoning behind this is because my birthday is Oct. 25th, lots of tailgating, lots of pumpkins, Halloween (My Favorite Holiday), Thanksgiving (I love eating), and the leaves change colors.
What is your favorite month of year?