Officially in Marathon Training


Today started out like any other day.  As soon as I had my coffee made and before I could even take a sip Chewbacca started begging to go on his walk… like always.

I mapped out a 6 mile run to do this morning but once I got about 2 miles into I was thinking about just cutting it short and only doing 3 miles.  As I was about to head back to the apartment it started pouring down rain.  I do not know if this is just me but I LOVE running in the rain!  It was a sign that I needed to finish my run that I had planned…. and I did and it felt GREAT 🙂

I even felt like doing some planks and crunches when I got home too.

Some exciting News!  I officially picked a Marathon that I am going to race in…. AGHH (i know right) I am sure that you are not as excited as me but I figured I would share and show my enthusiasm.  You may think I am weird to get so excited about a Marathon and I probably am but like I said previously, I like to set goals for my self and see what I am truly capable of doing 🙂

January 20th 2013 will be the big day.  It is the Charleston 3rd Annual Marathon.  I absolutely Love Charleston, SC so I figured this would be a perfect place to run my 1st Marathon.  The race takes you through historic King Street (BEAUTIFUL houses), the Battery, and by the scenic waterway.

I was so excited that I finally committed to a date that as soon as I got home from work I started making my training schedule.  I started off googling “marathon training schedules” and picked out 3 schedules I liked and then combined them to make my own version.

If anyone is interested in my schedule I can post it.  Just email me or leave a comment and I would be happy to post it 🙂


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