Minimalist Running


Yes I am one of those runners who wear the ugly toe shoes…. and proud of it 🙂

I have been a minimalist/barefoot runner fanatic since 2011.  I got into it because my knee was always bothering me and I liked the theory behind minimalist running.  The barefoot running theory, argues that the barefoot style not only puts you up on your midfoot, but leads you to run with a lighter, springier stride, translating to reduced contact time.

After switching to my FiveFingers my knee pain practically disappeared.

The Vibrams took some getting used to but it was the best decision I ever made when it comes to running.  I will never go back to running in tennis shoes.  To me running in cushioned tennis shoes is like playing the piano in big thick gloves.

If you are interested in transitioning to the free side, REI has a 100% guarantee.  I have gone through about 4 pairs of Vibrams now and I have only paid once!  It is like Christmas every time I get a new pair 🙂

Please feel free to send me any questions you may have for me..I would love to try and help you out 🙂


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  1. Hi Jay,

    I too have reaped huge rewards running barefoot. I’m just curious if you have ever tried the Invisible Shoe? It’s a shoe based on the sandals of the Tarahumara, only updated and improved. I have tried a number of shoes in the minimalist category, VFFs, Merrill Trail Glove, etc. and have found the Invisible Shoe to be fantastic. What I like about them is they come the closest to barefoot. I feel like they allow my feet to work more naturally than other options out there, and with the 5000 mile warranty, and a price of $24.95 and $29.95 for the 4mm and 6mm kits, it’s a shoe that provides quality at an affordable price. If your interested you should check out their website at Thanks for a great blog.

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