How Chewbacca will remember 9-11…


Chewbacca will be remembering 9-11 for a different reason then rest of us from now on.

Today was the day he “got his balls chopped off”…. poor little guy.

I dropped him off this morning at the SPCA RV that was set up right outside Petco Near my apartments.
My veterinary estimated that it would cost us over $300 to get him fixed by them….SAY WHAT!?
I did not want to pay this much so I did some research on google 🙂 and found non-profit organizations will do it for MUCH LESS.  SPCA is the non-profit organization that I chose. They does it for $100….But I found a loop hole around that price too by purchasing a voucher for $47 that covered the surgery.  HECK YES! 🙂
The SPCA is funded 100% through private donations from a community of people who believe that prevention, not euthanasia, is the community’s answer to pet overpopulation.
Leaving Chewbacca nearly left me in tears. 😦 .  It was lonely the rest of my morning with out his cute fluffy face following me everywhere.
When I got home from work tonight I found Chewbacca in what looks like a blue too-too.  The poor little guy has to wear this cone to prevent him from messing with his stitches.
I am relieved that this is over now and he should be back to normal by next week 🙂

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