Football & Lemon Poppy Seed Chicken


So after our exciting morning Saturday I made us egg sandwiches for breakfast and got ready for football!

We had made plans to go watch the football games at my brothers place.  He lives with his girlfriend, Steph, in a condo near downtown Raleigh.  You would think that since we live in the same city that we would see each other often, but that is anything but the case.

Lee (my brother) and Chewbacca are best friends

We had a great time catching up, watching football, and enjoying a few drinks together (I love a good Bloody Mary in the afternoon).

And the winner is..

My brother wanted Chewbacca to wear his medal he got from work for the day haha.  Chewbacca makes anything look good.

Sunday I spent some time getting errands done and then watched some NFL football with our friends.  FYI I beat Andrew this week in Fantasy Football! 🙂

I went to a Hot Yoga class later in the afternoon while Andrew decided to cook dinner for us Sunday night.  He picked out one of his mom’s DELICIOUS recipes, Lemon poppy seed Chicken, YUM.  This was his first time cooking it so I was excited to get home from yoga and try it.

As I was walking up to our apartment, our smoke alarm started going off.  I opened the door and was immediately swarmed with gray smoke.  It took us about 30 mins to get the smoke alarms to shut up.

Andrew was allowing some olive oil to heat up in an iron skillet when all of a sudden it just burst into flames.  Now our stove fan and the wall has black smoke stains everywhere.  This was just not Andrews weekend.  Another lesson learned haha.

So we cleaned up the mess and then continued to finish our dinner with a different skillet.  The meal turned out amazing!  We will definitely be cooking this again but Andrew will need supervision from now on when he is cooking haha.

Lemon Poppy Seed Chicken on bed of brown rice and peas

She uses Rachel’s Ray Recipe so we tried following it the best we could..i dont think nearly burning down the apartment was part of the recipe.  But we will try to leave that out next time.


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