Fall Is Finally Here!


Happy Monday everyone!  Last night we decided to open the windows and shut off our air…in other words Fall weather has finally arrived!  I love falling asleep to the cool fresh fall air.

Fall is my favorite time of the year to run outside.  I love admiring all the leaves changing colors and the cool breeze does not hurt either.

This photo was taken last year at Pilot Mountain right when Fall was starting

I slept great last night and maybe even a little too great because I did not want to wake up this morning.  It was just another one of those days for me… a case of the Mondays.  However, it was just the opposite for Chewbacca.

During our walk this morning he was extra excited.  I think it was because this was the first morning that it was not incredibly humid.  It must be hard wearing 2 fur coats during the summer.

I decided to cut my run short today (ran 3.5 miles) and take Chewbacca on my last mile with me.  He was ecstatic!  He ran 1.4 miles (went a little farther because he was not ready to turn around) with me and that is the farthest he has gone without stopping to walk.  I was so proud of him 🙂

“That feels sooooo good”

“I Love Fall”

We have a fan in our bedroom and Chewbacca popped a squat right in front of it when we got back.

After our run I decided to continue on with my excited about fall and make a pumpkin chai smoothie for breakfast.  It turned out mediocre so I need to play around with it before it is blog worthy.

Survey Question of the Day

Tea or Coffee?

I love both….but if I had to pick one it would be tea probably.  My favorite is Chai Tea with splash of soy milk 🙂


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