10 mi run turned to the worst


Wow! this has been quite an interesting weekend.  Let me start from the beginning to update everyone.

Saturday Andrew & I woke up at 8am and headed over to Umstead State Park for our 10 mile run.  I was really excited about this run because running on trails is so thrilling.  You have to hop over rocks, dodge branches, run down and up steep hills.

I have a lot of random thoughts while I am running, one that I always seem to get when running trails is how I feel like Pocahontas running through the forest (one of my favorite Disney movies).  I just feel so free, light, and just in-sync with all the nature that surrounds me.

Umstead State Park Trails

What kind of random thoughts come across your mind on runs? or is it just me….

I finished the 10.3 miles in 1:40.  I thought this was a descent time for trails.  I had crossed paths with andrew about 30 mins into our run, he was smiling and in good spirits.  I was expecting him to finish about 5-10 mins after me…..

45 minutes later Andrew still had not showed back up….I was freaking out… All I could think about was how he hurt himself, maybe he got lost, he had passed out, got attacked by a wild animal, etc.  I decided to call the park office to see if someone could come out with a four wheeler so we could go search for him.  I would have gone after him myself but I did not want to leave the car incase he showed back up.

As I was waiting for Umstead office to answer I see Andrew walking up the path. THANK GOD!!  He told me how he had tripped at least 4 times, thrown up 3 times, and got lost.

So Andrew hung out with a lot of his guy friends the night before and drank more than he was expecting too.  He drank at least 4 cups of water before he went to bed and then more before we left for our run.  He said he felt fine just had a minor headache when we woke up.  Before we headed out on our run I told him multiple times to not run if he didn’t feel up for it but he reassured me that he felt fine.

I started finally calming down and relieved that he was safe.  But I let out my breath a little to soon…on the ride home Andrew could still not catch his breath.  He was freaking out, and freaking me out.  He fell out of the car once we got in the parking lot to our apartments and threw up again.  Then it got worse….his hands starting locking up, he started getting lock jaw, and told me that it felt like his body was shutting down.

At this point I was incredibly concerned,  I called 911 but Andrew said that he did not want an ambulance.  I was thinking that he was suffering from severe dehydration and I asked the 911 operated if this sounded correct due to all his symptoms but he was no help at all.  His response was “I do not know, do you want an ambulance or not”, I was appalled at how rude the operator reacted.

Once we got into the apartment I called my brother because he actually suffered from severe dehydration a few times before.  He recommended a cold towel, cold shower and a lot of gatorade.  We did everything that he said and Andrew started coming back to normal.  Not only was andrew dehydrated but I think he had an anxiety attack too because that would explain his hands and jaw locking up.  I am no doctor though.

This was quite a learning experience for Andrew.  He realized that his body has changed a lot with in the past year.  He played division 1 soccer in College and would go to practices hung over and be perfectly fine.  He knows now not drink a lot the night before a long run.

Have you ever had a scary moment that was related to your running?


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