“He’s So Fluffy!”


Happy Thursday everyone!  Did you watch the first NFL game of the season last night?  Now that I am in 2 fantasy leagues I get more excited about games now…even though none of my players were playing last night :(… But I still enjoyed a few drinks with our friends at one of our favorite restaurant/bar, Carolina Ale House.  Usually Tailgating is the only thing I care about when it comes to football season.  What is better than tailgating in perfect fall weather with your friends & family?

What team do you root for?

Yesterday was a rough day at work.  We were very busy and on top of that we were short staffed so I treated my self to 2 Blue Moons at Carolina Ale House…really hit the spot 🙂  I am such a light weight so those 2 did me real good haha

So I am starting to believe that someone does not want me to go to Hot Yoga.   Yesterday I got the times mixed up and missed my class and then today they were closed because of Obama coming into town….I was really looking forward to a good stretch.  I did not run this morning because my knee was starting to hurt from my 2 run days in a row and then running around at work all day yesterday.  I developed runner’s knee about a year ago and I do not want to injure it again!  It was hard not being able to run for a couple of months.

I decided to use this opportunity to go through some others blogs and check out some of there circuit workouts that they have tried.  Chocolate Covered Crunches had a cool one that I have never tried before.  It consisted of doing cardio intervals during the duration of an entire song.  I followed all the exercises but I switched up some of the songs.  I chose:

1. Maroon 5 – Fortune Teller                                                                    Squats & Lunges

2. Maroon 5 – Doin Dirt                                                                            High Knees & Jumping Jacks

3. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time                                                               Speed Skaters & Mountain Climbers

4. Head Automatica – Beating Hearts Baby                                          Squats & Lunges

5. Sun City – The Follower                                                                         High Knees & Jumping Jacks

6. Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man                                                    Speed Skaters & Mountain Climbers

7. Ace of Base – It’s A Beautiful Life                                                        Squats & Lunges

This Entire Circuit took me about 30 mins to do.

I continued my workout with a few core exercises.

100 Russian Twist

100 Bridges

100 Bicycle Crunches

1 min Plank

By this time “Steven” (My Stomach) was growling at me so I fed him some Oatmeal with plain yogurt and a banana mixed together.  This is always my go-to breakfast when I want to eat right away.

Not only is the weather started to shift now but so is Chewbacca’s coat.  He has 2 coats of hair and he is started to lose his summer/puppy coat.  I spent about 20 minutes brushing him out and it came out SO FLUFFY after 🙂  He is such a good puppy!

Chewbacca Hair Ball

“He’s So Fluffy!!”


I hope today at work is not as crazy..wish me luck 🙂




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