More Salsa Please


Good Morning fellow bloggers!  I hope everyone is enjoying their labor day weekend so far.  I woke up a little before 6am this morning 😦 .  We drove to Greensboro last night and stayed with Andrew parents.  They have a dog, Athena, and Chewbacca woke me up scratching on the door; he was so anxious to get out and start playing with Athena again.  They play so well together.

Make Out Sesh With Athena

Nap Time

When Chewbacca plays ruff with other dogs, he gets there slobber on over him so that his hair get all nappy.  It is so gross!

Last Night

Andrews parents took us out to Pablano’s Mexican Restaurant last night for dinner.  It is our favorite mexican restaurant because we are never disappointed with there food…even though we get the same thing every time haha.  I get the fajita taco salad and Andrew get the fajita quesadilla.


There salsa is really good too!  You have not learned this yet but I am a HUGE salsa fanatic!  I go through a jar of salsa before the week is over sometimes :/.   Sometimes I will eat it with whole wheat torilla chips and if I want a really light snack I will eat it with cucumber slices.  But the reason I go through it so fast is because I put ALOT of salsa of each chip…the chips/cucumber slices are used more like spoons haha.  My favorite salsa is Walmart brand Black bean and Corn Salsa….I also LOVE any kind of FRESH salsa (it is just more expensive).  Do you love salsa too?  What is your favorite?


Today is the big day for our 9 mile run :).  I am glad that we are doing it here in Greensboro because it is so hilly in Raleigh.

I ran it in 1 hour and 18 mins which is about 8:39 pace.  Not bad but I want to improve before the big day.  Since we left by 8am the humidity was not to bad but it could have been a lot worse if we had waited another hour.

Since we are in Greensboro we decided to treat ourselves to Biscuitville for Breakfast.  It is a homemade breakfast restaurant if you have not heard of it.  They make biscuits from scratch and they are deeeeellliiiicious!

Turkey sausage and egg biscuit….really hit the spot

I have been spending a lot of morning researching and reading articles about detoxing.  I have always wanted to do one but I can not decide which one would be the best to commit too.  Have you ever detoxed or have any advice for me?

We plan do not have a game plan yet for the rest of the day.  So who knows where we may end up tonight.  Have a great Saturday everyone!


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