“I Love Jet Noise”


Andrew and I just got back home from an amazing 3 day trip in Virginia Beach.  The first day we got there we played in the pool, hung out in the hot tub, took a bike ride down the boulevard, and made dinner for Kent as a Thank You for allowing us to stay at his gorgeous house.  We went with Salmon, string beans, and potato salad.

gangsta bikes

we turned shooting the ball off the diving board into a game…Kathryn was the only one to make it

The Lion

So, I absolutely love Virginia Beach minus one detail…JET NOISE!  Kent actually said that it gets so loud sometimes that it shattered his windows one day.  There is an air force base located right around Virginia Beach, which is why we were always hearing them.  I thought I would get used to it after while…but that never happened haha.

For our delicious/huge piece of salmon all we did was squeeze fresh lemon juice on it and put a few slices on top of it for it to cook.  We baked it for 40-45 mins at 350 degrees.  

The potato salad is a recipe from Andrew’s mom.  She is italian so everything she cooks is amazing!

Murphy Potato Salad

3 red potatoes

1 small red onion, chopped

roma tomatoes

garlic powder

italian seasoning

salt & pepper

olive oil

First, cut the potatoes into 1 inch bite size pieces and then boil them till tender.  Once they are nice and soft drain the water and transfer them to your serving dish.  Cut all the roma tomatoes in half and toss them in along with your chopped red onion.  Add approx. a tbsp of garlic powder, 1 tbsp italian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste.  Be generous with the olive oil and then mix all together.  You can either serve them hot right then or stick them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to eat chilled.  They are delicious either way.

The next morning Justine and I agreed to wake up early and go for a run down the boardwalk and beach.  My alarm went off but I kept pushing snooze.   It was just one of those morning for me where it just took a little extra time to get me going.  If it were not for Justine excited about our run I probably would have tried to skip..thank goodness for Justine!  We ran about 3 miles on the boardwalk and then did sprints on the beach for out last mile.  It was so humid there that I was exhausted by the end of that.

We stopped by a cool coffee shop Justine had spotted on our way in yesterday called “Bad Ass Coffee”.   They definitely lived up to there name.  We both got a blended coffee with sugar free vanilla and hazelnut…I downed it before we even made it back to the house haha.

By the time we got home we only had about an hour to eat breakfast and get ready to go out SPEAR FISHING!  Kent has been spear fishing for a few years now and was nice enough to take us out and show us how it is done.  Im not gonna lie…I was really nervous/excited.  Andrew and Kathryn were more anxious then me and Justine.

Kathryn shot the first fish and Andrew shot one right after her, a sheepshead.  By the time we were done snorkeling and spearfishing we were all starving!  You could tell because everyone was getting a little testy….especially me.  If I do not eat at least every 4 hours my personality can do a complete 360 on you….It’s a horrible quality I know but I am working on it.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Spear fishing was such an amazing adventure.  It takes you back in the primitive nature to when people had to hunt for there food every day.  I would probably be the first to starve to death if this was how we still lived haha.

Kathryn and Kent decided on taking us to Ruddy’s for dinner.  The tables were swings….it was so cool!  They have a specialty drink called Ruddy’s Ruckus there that we all treated ourselves to.  The restaurant limits each person to only 2 drinks.  It hit me all it once and I was feeling pretty good 😉

This was such a great trip!  We will probably never have a chance to spear fish again and not many people can say that they have gone spear fishing before.  Thanks again to Kent and Kathryn for being great host!  Now its back to the real world.  Luckily it is only a 2 day work week 🙂


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