*Strong Core is the Key*


After my run this morning and my post-run Peachy Keen Smoothie.  I decided to continue my workout and finish it off with a core work out.

I have read a lot of articles on how the core is the key factor when it comes to any sport.  All human movement originates from the core whether it be crawling, walking, running, swimming or kayaking. A well-functioning core is the base from which the rest of the body moves.  From what I have summed up from all my reading.  I found that it is important to have a strong core because:

Marissa Miller

1. The muscle tone looks great. 🙂

2. A strong core supports your upper body.

3. Improves our physical performance.

4. Eliminates lower back pain.

5. Supports you to stand up straighter.

6. Maintains equilibrium and stability for all physical activities.

7. Simply makes everything you do easier.

When I first started running my shoulders and neck would be sore all the time.  However, since I have added in my core workouts and concentrating on my posture, I rarely complain of shoulder/neck pain anymore.  I do 2 core workouts a week for 10 minutes.  They are usually done after my runs during the week.

I have to switch up my core workouts often or else I get easily bored. Some days I will do the P90x ab video, a core workout with a 15 lb weigh, or just find something off pinterest that looks fun.  Check out my WORKOUTS board on Pinterest if you are interested to see some of my other core workouts I have tried. https://pinterest.com/jstyers07/

Plank is my favorite pose so I decided to incorporate a lot of planks in my core workout today.

I hope this information helps you as much as it helped me 🙂

Jay’s Plank Workout

Each pose is held for 45 seconds


-High to Low Plank

-Basic Crunch (legs at 90 degrees)

-Hip Lift (reverse crunch)

-Alternating Toe Touches



-Bird Dog



-Leg Lifts

-Lying Side Oblique Crunches (both sides)



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