“Trust the Sandwich”


We Finally made it down to Ocean Isle Beach this weekend.  We have been planning on going for this past month but things kept popping up every weekend that prevented us from taking our journey.  My parents opened a deli last summer, Ocean Twist Deli.  They said they have always wanted to spend a summer at the beach, so I guess it is better late then never haha.  This is there second summer living down in OIB and business has picked up a lot more.

I decided to entertain myself on the drive down by attempting to make a bracelet that I saw on Pinterest.  It started off a little ruff but It came out okay and looked good on Andrew :).

Saturday morning I woke up at 730am and had my coffee with my mom.  I always do my long runs on the weekend so I decided to map out a 7 mile run using MapMyRun.com (Love this site!).  Andrew and I picked out a half marathon to do together October 6th, The Triple Lakes Trail Run.  This will be Andrews first and my 3rd, so I have been trying to help him out with the training.  This will be his longest run ever so I was super excited to see how he does.  After getting through half my cup of coffee I could already feel the caffeine running through my veins haha…my mom likes to make her coffee super strong (its more like an expresso shot for me).  I pumped about our run and as I was getting ready to put on my vibrams I came to find that I was missing a vibram! Im not gonna lie I freaked out for a second.  Andrew explained to me that Chewbacca was going through the bag before we left the night before and must have taken out my shoe.  Luckily my mom had a pair of tennis shoes for me.  I have been wearing vibrams for 2 years now (best decision I have ever made when it comes to running) and I was not happy to have to wear tennis shoes, especially since they were a size 9 and I wear an 8 or 7 1/2.  But I did not want to miss out on a run in OIB with Andrew.  I felt like I was wearing bricks on my feet the entire run but I finished the 7 miles :).  I ended up with a big juicy blister by mile 6 but I am no stranger to getting blisters on my feet.  Andrew did an awesome job, he ran the whole time and was trying to motivate me to keep going even though my feet were killing me.

We worked in the Deli with my mom until about 2pm.  And then headed out to beach for some relaxation and a few refreshing drinks that were well deserved.  My cousin, Mazi, is an amazing artist and he just recently gotten into making shirts and tanks with some of his own original designs on them.  I came across some in the deli that he had made for the deli…and of course Andrew and I had to buy one! 🙂

This is my dads Classic Club=YUM!!

Andrew and I showing off our new Tanks

We had a great time this weekend catching up with my mom (my dad was at the Wyndham golf tournament all weekend).  It is hard to stay away from OIB after having one of there DELLLIICIOUS sandwiches…We plan to go back down in 2 weeks (I will double check that I have both my vibrams next time too haha).


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