THINK Positively….By looking at situations with a positive attitude instead of always expecting the worst is my number one secret to being Happy.  It’s not that I am being unrealistic but why always expect the worst from people and situations, when that only puts you in a bad mood?  I will discuss more throughout SuperSonic Sunflower on my beliefs in positive energy and how everything happens for reason.  “Everything around us is made up of Energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy.”

EXERCISE Daily…Doing something active everyday not only makes me feel better about myself but makes me feel like I have had a productive day even if that is all I do all day.  My workout of choice has been running for the past 3 years.  I remember the day (3 years ago, I was a freshman in college) that I was able to run 1 mile without stopping.   I was so proud of myself because I never thought I was capable of doing such a thing.  Athletic has never been in my vocabulary.  Growing up I tried out for every sport my parents could through me into, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, softball, swimming, etc.  It was not until I tried out running that I became passionate about a sport.  Feeling free and so alive through running has become an addiction for me.  Running and other forms of cardio workouts will be discussed a lot in SuperSonic Sunflower.

EAT Healthy….I used to be the most unhealthy and pickiest eater growing up.  Chicken fingers and fries were my favorite.  Because of this, I was always on the chubby side.  Once I went off to college my taste buds did a complete 360.  I learned to LOVE salads, seafood, and veggies.  Since then cooking and eating healthy has become one of my passions.  “Your Body Is Your Temple”.  Throughout my blog I will be sharing some of my own recipes with you that I have developed over the years.

WORK Hard…I received my undergrad in Clinical Laboratory Science at East Carolina University.  Going through this intense, demanding, rigorous program I learned a lot about my self and my limits.  I learned what hard work is and that no matter how impossible you may think something is, if you really want it then you can achieve anything.

STAY Strong…Every fight, every down, every misery you experience in your life only makes you a stronger and more compassionate being.  These difficult times allow you to connect with people in ways that you never thought possible and shows you that you are never alone in this crazy world that we are living in now.  You learn to appreciate things that you used to take for granted and be thankful for the friends and family you have.  If ever something does not go your way, you should learn from it and allow it to make you stronger as a person for next time.  This is just reintegrating my belief in positive thinking.  “You can’t fall if you do not climb, But there is no Joy in living your whole life on the Ground.”

WORRY Less…Worry is waste of time to me.  I am not saying that I do not worry because trust me I DO.  However,  I try not to worry or dwell over things that are not in my control or on things that are too far into the future.  I am currently working on trying to live in the now and not stress over what may be.

DANCE More…I am a white petite girl, aka I have no rhythm!  I have been to a few Zumba classes and I look incredibly out of place every time but I do not care because it is always fun to just let loose and move to the sound of a beat.  My brothers girlfriend is an amazing dancer, she makes it look so easy. So, whenever we go out to the bars I always try to copy what she does or make mental notes haha…i am sure I never look as good but luckily my boyfriend does not care since he is not the best dancer either.  We are that couple who has no rhythm but we always have the biggest smiles on ours faces because we always have an amazing time dancing. You should never let the fear of what other people think of you stop you from having a great time or doing something you love.  No one is perfect and life is not perfect its all about what you do with what you are given and make it work.


LOVE Often…Family will always be my number 1 priority.  Family love is unconditional.  To me family is not just blood it is the people in my life that are always there and bring out the best in me.  “We are all a little weird and Life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours.  We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it Love.”

BE Happy…..


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